Product Liability Failure Analysis Expert 9027 CA(N)

Expertise Description

I have more than 30 years experience in the field of Mechanical Engineering. My areas of expertise include failure analysis and design of consumer products and industrial equipment: pressure vessels, heat exchangers, valves, piping, general machinery, frame and structural components, compressors, pumps, turbines, ladders, chairs, bicycles, automobiles, trucks, railcars, and aircraft components. My specialties include: True color 3D Laser and Structured Light scanning documentation of small parts, vehicles (e.g. crush), equipment, and accident and crime scenes. My experience also includes preserving evidence digitally, measuring parts, and comparing vehicle crush. My additional expertise includes computer simulation and animation, 3D fly around, video, photographic and poster board presentation, and engineering technical services, as well as extensive experience in industrial equipment injuries and failures, including fans and other rotating machinery. I have over 10 years expert witness experience with consultations, deposition, and courtroom testimony.

Areas of Expertise

Consulting Experience

My consulting services include: Redesign of an electro-hydraulic, variable position hospital bed for burn victims; Design of a powered wheel chair that provides standing and sitting positions; Analysis and redesign of high temperature . high pressure piping and pressure vessels; Design of fire safe storage vaults for electronic media; Redesign of compressor and turbine components; Construction management of oil / water separation plants and gas recovery plants in oil fields.

Relevant Experiences

I have experience in the design of fitness equipment and am knowledgeable about areas such as quick release, belt buckles and connections.

I have simulated problems with: (1) gasoline station nozzles that hit the ground, (2) ignition switches that turn off when bumped even tho the car is moving 60 mph, and (3) seat belt buckles that come undone under the high accelerations of a crash. I have simulated their action and the simple fixes needed in these mechanism driven devices to prevent these accidents using the laws of physics and applying high accelerations and loadings they see in operation.

I have done many pumping system cases and playground equipment cases.

I have helped design drilling platforms and assessed numerous failures.

I am an experienced mechanical engineer, specializing in stress, fracture and remaining life. I have applied these analysis methods to high-temperature turbine blades, large cooling tower fiberglass fan blades (similar to wind turbine blades), wind turbine gearboxes, offshore platforms for wind turbines, sailboat masts and structures, and numerous other metal and composite components and devices.”

I have done several dozen patent cases, 6 active at the moment. I have also done modeling of boats and other devices moving through the water.

We model single phase, two-phase (gas-liquid and solid-liquid) and three phase flow all the time. Further, one of our current development products is a release-able downspout (for cleaning).

Further, as a landlord of many buildings, I’ve cleaned more gutters and downspouts than I care to remember. I am familiar with the various gutter guard systems.

I have done dozens of patent cases and am a building owner, and am very familiar with metal forming also.

I have done projects in refineries and solar heating systems, both hardware and software.

I have participated in many pipeline welding cases, including the San Bruno gas pipeline explosion in CA where I testified as an expert and assisted the State Public Utilities Commission in changing some of their rules and procedures.

I have used a log splitter, have had one log splitter case, several stump grinder cases, and worked at a tool rental through high school and first year of college.

I am familiar with plastic injection molding, have designed parts that were 3D printer and would be injection molded if we go into high production, and I have done many dozen patent cases. I have also designed many bumpers for other applications.

I have investigated many power turbine failures and commissioning issues involving turbine performance.

My Ph.D. thesis is on welding and I am a licensed Professional Engineer in TX and LA. I testified in the Deepwater Horizon case in New Orleans also.

I have done many gas turbine cases. Further, I investigated turbine failures while at Chevron also.

I have experience with these type of large cylinders in testing sections of the Alaska pipeline and design testing of earthquake dampers for the Golden Gate Bridge. Regarding hydraulics in general, I have designed hydraulic systems and conducted a failure analysis of these systems in dozens of cases, including the hydraulic controls for the Deepwater Horizon blowout preventer.

I have worked with Bigge Crane on several design issues, consulted on numerous control issues (electronic, hydraulic and pneumatic), as well as designs involving OSHA, ASTM, NFPA and standard of care in engineering issues. Further, I am very familiar with crane and gantry crane design from numerous consulting engineering work and patent cases.

I have designed numerous types of leak detection devices for tanks and vessels.


Ph.D.Mechanical EngineeringUniversity of California Berkeley
M.S.Mechanical EngineeringUniversity of California Berkeley
B.S.Mechanical EngineeringMichigan Technology University

Licenses Certifications

Registered Mechanical Engineer
State of California

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Primary Affiliation

American Society of Mechanical Engineers

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