Property Casualty Insurance Expert 519077 TX

Expertise Description

For over 40 years, I have worked in the Property and Casualty Insurance Industry by serving clientele in various fields, such as OCIP/CCIP/Wrap-Ups; Manufacturers; Pharmaceuticals; Oil Jobbers; Truckers; Retailers; Banks; Engineers; Aviation; Wildlife Parks, etc. My expertise includes Standard of Care in Insurance Agent Broker Errors & Omissions; Insurance Bad Faith; and Claims Handling Custom & Practice; Case Assessment; Insurance Policy Construction; Carrier Claims Negotiation / Coverage Disputes, etc. I have been providing expert witness services for more than 10 years as an Insurance Expert Witness In Texas in the areas of Flood Insurance, Commercial Ocean Marine Insurance, Commercial Auto Insurance, Agent Errors and Omissions, Pollution / Environmental Liability Insurance, and Business Income / Extra Expense Insurance.

Areas of Expertise

Expert Witness

I have experience working as a Property & Casualty Insurance Expert Witness. I have worked with attorneys representing policyholders, carriers and third parties to provide case analysis/assessment, Insurance Expert reports, deposition and court testimony.

Relevant Experiences

I can do tow truck insurance analysis.


Degree Subject Institution
B.B.A. Insurance University of Texas Austin

Licenses Certifications

CRM – Certified Risk Manager
CIC – Certified Insurance Counselor
CPCU – Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter

Awards & Affiliation

Society of Certified Insurance Counselors
Certified Risk Managers International

Primary Affiliation

Society of Certified Insurance Counselors