Railroad Accidents ExpertRailroad accidents expert witnesses are experienced in railroad operations and safety. In the event of a train collision or trial derailment, they are called upon to determine how the accident occurred. In the news, two BNSF Railway Co. workers were found dead and a third remains missing after a fiery train collision outside the town of Panhandle, TX.  Both freight trains were on the same track. The head on collision 25 miles northeast of Amarillo caused freight cars and containers to derail, resulting in a large fireball and evacuation of nearby areas.

The NTSB investigator in charge, Richard Hipskind, held a press conference and stated that the probable cause of the accident cannot be determined as of yet. The NTSB arrived on the scene June 29th and is expected to there for 4-5 days. Hipskind said digital records as well as other data will be investigated to determine the cause of the collision.

Railroad accidents expert witnesses may provide an expert opinion based on the findings of a train accident investigation and reconstruction. These engineers are experienced in studying the particular dynamics of a collision to determine the source of the incident, whether it is due to a mechanical defect such as a malfunction of the train control systems, human error, or another factor.