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Expertise Description

I have over 30 years experience in real property with a focus in acquisition, development, and ownership in commercial and residential real estate, as well as providing asset management and design consultation services to investors and clients. I have provided consultations, deposition, and courtroom testimony for more than 15 years as a real property expert witness.

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Degree Subject Institution
D.L.H. Arizona School of Health Sciences at A.T. Still University
Stanford University Executive and Professional Education program Graduate School of Business
Geography and Urban Economics Arizona State University
Environmental Studies William Patterson University

Awards & Affiliation

CSC North American Research Task Force
Provosts Advisory Council for Arizona School of Health Sciences and Oral and Dental Health
Local Advisory Council. LISC Phoenix
Chair Facilities Committee, Valley of the Sun YMCA
Distinguished Fellow NAIOP

Primary Affiliation

CSC North American Research Task Force