Sleepers Expert WitnessesHow does a product safety expert witness enhance your case? In the event of an injury, product safety experts analyze and provide testimony to the court on whether product design and/or manufacturing are at fault or whether injury was caused by misuse of the product. Product safety applies to virtually every product made for  business  and consumers. These experts are experienced in design engineering, mechanical engineering, laboratory testing, product design, and safety engineering. Their knowledge also extends to consumer safety codes and regulations.   

An American toy company recalled 4.7 million sleepers on April 12, 2019. Shortly thereafter, two class-action lawsuits were filed against the toy company and its parent company. The U.S. Safety Commission Product Safety Commission Recall Details state: 

Description: This recall involves all sleepers produced by the company 

Remedy: Consumers should immediately stop using the product and contact the toy company for a refund or voucher. 

Incidents/Injuries: Since the 2009 product introduction, over 30 infant fatalities have occurred in the sleepers, after the infants rolled over while unrestrained, or under other circumstances. 

Name of product: All Models of the company’s sleepers. 

Hazard: Infant fatalities have occurred in sleepers, after the infants rolled from their back to their stomach or side while unrestrained, or under other circumstances. 

Remedy: Refund 

Units: About 4.7 million products 

Samantha Drover-Mundy and Zachary Mundy of Delaware filed the first lawsuit on April 18, 2019.  Their daughter died in one of the sleepers that the toy company had produced. Cassandra Mulvey also filed suit which alleged that the company marketed a dangerous product. Both class action lawsuits allege that the toy company was long aware of faulty product design. Injuries and deaths of thirty infants include asphyxiation, twisted neck syndrome, and flat head syndrome. 

A plaintiff can sue the manufacturer, the distributor, and/or the seller of a product alleging defective design, construction, and/or failure to warn. Hiring the most qualified product safety expert witness is imperative to your legal argument. Contact ForensisGroup to retain an authoritative product safety expert witness for your case.