Retail Management Expert 500323 AL

Expertise Description

I have over 45 years experience in retail management with a focus in retail brands and their operations; store safety; merchandising; brand positioning, competitive review, assortment diagnostics; experience in fast fashion, department stores, specialty, big box stores; and product expertise with teen, women, kids, shoes, accessories, jewelry, plus size, and beauty. I have spent more than 5 years offering deposition, consultations, and courtroom testimony as a retail management expert witness.

Areas of Expertise

Expert Witness

My expert witness experience includes:
Retail Lease claims
Product design copy infringement
Retail store slip and fall
Retail product delivery conflict
Employee work conflict

Consulting Experience

My consulting experience includes:
Retail expert for product performance
Advisor to investment community on Retail Brands and Store performance
Roundtable and conference calls to update clients on retail trends and performance

Awards & Affiliation

National Retail Federation
Harvard Negotiation Institute

Primary Affiliation

National Retail Federation