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I have over 35 years experience as a mechanical engineer with emphasis on safety and design analysis. My expertise includes: cost estimation; safety research; industrial accidents; product accidents / liability; machinery, mechanical components, and consumer products design and safety analysis; and on-site and laboratory accident investigations. I have additional expertise in: agricultural engineering; crane safety devices; farm machinery; forensic engineering; guardrail testing; ladders; power lines; press guards; trailer hitches and towbars; truck-mounted ladder racks; and wood railings. I have prior expert witness experience.

Areas of Expertise

Expert Witness

My expert witness experience includes: Industrial machinery safety; Consumer product safety; Construction and demolition operations safety; Maintenance and repair practices; Premises liability; Hand and power tool design and safety.

Consulting Experience

My consulting services include: Engineering and safety analysis; Assessment of training and work practices; Safety standards and code compliance; Evaluation of user manual and safety signage; Report preparation and expert witness testimony.

Professional Experiences

My professional experience include decades of experience in mechanical engineering safety.

Relevant Experiences

During the past 35 years, while consulting in the Mechanical Engineering field, I have investigated several matters involving chairs where the issues ranged from structural collapse to overturning stability to the presence of pinch points. I am a registered Professional Engineer in the State of Illinois. I regularly assess citations levied by OSHA investigators/inspectors in the many varieties of workplace accidents and injuries in which I am retained.

I have been involved in representing defendants in a few exercise equipment matters.  In one case, a steel cable wore out and failed on a lateral arm press resulting in the user striking himself in the face with the free-wheeling arm lever assembly when it became separated from the weights.  In another case, I represented the gymnastics coach at Central Michigan University who was named in a lawsuit filed by a student to was not authorized to utilize the trampoline and injured themselves in the process.  The most recent piece of athletic equipment I was involved with is a treadmill utilized at a health club that also provided physical rehab for hospital patients.  The treadmill stopped suddenly and caused the patient to fall and re-injure a knee that had recently been replaced.  I found that the motor brushes had been incorrectly installed by the outside service provider.  There are other pieces of sports equipment in which I have been called upon to consult including a baseball base cushion, a swimming pool slide, bowling lane approaches, a badminton racket, a bowling ball, the bowling ball power lift/customer’s ball rack, and a bowling hand/wrist support.  I happen to have extensive experience as a semi-professional bowler and tend to get involved in a variety of bowling related sports injuries as a result.

My Mechanical Engineering background has led to several investigations involving building code compliance issues. I currently have an ongoing matter in the Chicago area involving building code lighting compliance for a large restaurant chain in which Liberty Mutual is the insurance carrier. The Plaintiff is attributing his clients’ slip and fall to an allegedly low lighting level in the restaurant’s restroom entryway.
In addition to my Mechanical Engineering background, I have been involved in the bowling industry as an employee, customer, semi-professional bowler, bowling center owner/proprietor, and I am currently a weekend manager at one of the bowling centers I used to co-own in the Chicago area.  While in school, I maintained the automatic pinsetters and the lanes at the on-campus bowling center at a private research university. While working on my undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering, I apprenticed with the largest bowling equipment manufacturer at that time.  Even though the manufacturer was not actively seeking an engineering intern at the time, I was hired because it was not necessary for them to train me with regard to the bowling product line.  I was already familiar with the equipment from having already worked several years in the bowling industry. After graduating and beginning my consulting career in the safety and property loss arena, both of the major bowling product manufacturers, Brunswick and AMF (now Qubica-AMF), have been my clients along with a number of privately owned and operated bowling centers throughout the United States.  I have assisted both manufacturers with slip and fall claims in Florida and New York; respectively.
Slip-and-fall incidents are not uncommon in the bowling industry.  Several such incident claims at my centers were filed over the years that I co-owned two bowling centers. One of those claims went to trial and the jury deliberated to a Not Guilty verdict after hearing the evidence.
Of course, my consulting practice includes investigation of many other slip, trip and fall claims, both indoor and outdoor, that occurred in many locations other than bowling centers.

As a consulting Mechanical Engineer, I have been involved in a variety of accident investigations (and the resulting lawsuits) involving forklift trucks.  I have consulted in matters involving forklift truck manufacturers, forklift truck component part manufacturers, forklift truck maintenance injuries, and forklift truck operational negligence.  I am familiar with the safety codes, standards and OSHA regulations governing forklift design, operation, and servicing/maintenance.

I have addressed product stability issues with regards to stove tip-over incidents a few times during my 37-year consulting career as a Mechanical Engineer.


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