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SAFETY & SECURITY Expert WitnessesForensisGroup has been matching clients with the most trusted and credible experts nationwide for more than twenty-five years, resulting in a record of consistent success. By searching through our selection, you will find safety and security expert witnesses specializing in law enforcement, security management, emergency preparedness, occupational safety and health (OSHA), mall and shopping center security, use of force, crisis management, international security, industrial espionage, premises liability, personal injury, wrongful death, security guard procedures, safety engineering, human factors ergonomics, safety compliance, aviation security, police procedures, the hospitality and hotel industries, transportation, traffic safety, chemicals and materials safety, workplace safety and health, mechanical engineering, tourism security, electrical systems and compliance, sports and recreation, camping and outdoor programs, police administration and criminology, and public safety.

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If you are unable to locate the right safety and security expert witness by searching through our highly qualified selection, please fill out and Submit An Expert Request Form and we will work at researching and recruiting additional experts for your case. You may also speak with our knowledgeable staff by calling our office at 1-800-555-5542. You will be provided with an initial case consultation at no cost to you before each expert is retained. And because our experts do not pay a fee to be listed, we select each individual based only on his or her skills, strengths, and expertise. Let us match you with the right safety and security expert witness today for your specific case.


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