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I have more than 10 years experience in the field of School Accreditation. Areas of expertise include qualitative research methods and organizational theory, coordination of educational programs, writing accreditation documents. My current experience consists of reviewing program / degree proposals across 23 campuses to insure compliance, quality, school policies, and faculty expertise. My past consultations involved constitutional rights such as personnel, hiring, free speech, discrimination, religion and curriculum for education institutions. 

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I have consulted only informally with educational administrators, mostly regarding issues in educational institutions related to constitutional rights such as personnel, hiring, free speech, discrimination, religion and curriculum, etc.  I taught educational law at the master’s and doctoral levels. My other fields of expertise are qualitative research methods and organizational theory.  On the administrative side, I coordinated and co-directed graduate level educational programs which included, among many duties, writing accreditation documents and actually undergoing accreditation reviews by WASC and the Commission for Teacher Credentialing.  My current position in the Chancellor’s Office involves in part, reviewing program/degree proposals across 23 campuses to insure compliance, quality, faculty expertise, and insuring that all assessment plans match current WASC standards.

I am probably one of the few educators in California who has had experience either teaching, administrating, or researching through my master’s and doctoral students’ work, ALL educational levels:  Pre-K, Elementary, Middle, High School, Post-Secondary Education: community college, university undergraduates, university graduate schools – to include teaching and administrating in graduate and doctoral level programs.

While I am not an expert in school district hiring/background checks, I do have expertise in supervision policies and procedures, as I was a school principal and dealt with supervision issues all the time. As a professor, my field is educational law and I taught the concept of negligence (most often related to school safety issues) each semester the course was taught.

I have expertise in policy analysis due to my years teaching educational law (the course contains a strong emphasis on negligence and how to prevent it as a school administrator), as well as my years as a school administrator, and my current job examining and drafting policy at the higher education level.

Comparing schools and districts for a child’s placement is within my expertise.

While I am not an expert in special education, I am a former school principal with oversight and supervision responsibilities over both regular and special education students. Furthermore, my tenure as a professor of educational administration with a specialization in legal aspects of education includes instruction in implementing policy related to special education issues.

I was a principal of a school for 5 years with an active special education program with two special day classrooms and a resource program for integrating and providing services to students with special issues within the classroom. As an administrator, I am very familiar with IEPs, the laws pertaining to providing special ed services and have counseled many parents with children with special needs.


Ed.DAdministration / Policy AnalysisUCLA
M.S.School Management and AdministrationPepperdine University

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Thesis of Distinction Award in Education
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Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC)

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