Semiconductor Expert 366045 CA(N)

Expertise Description

I have more than 30 years experience in the areas of semiconductor processing, semiconductor wafer probe, wafer fabrication, product development and testing, and silicon device physics. My expertise includes low power and high performance integrated circuits (ICs) for military and aerospace applications, integrated circuit fabrication, electronic design automation (EDA) tools, intellectual property (IP), front-end fabrication and capital equipment, back-end test and assembly and IC end-markets, and reverse engineering analysis. I have prior expert witness experience with consultations, deposition, and courtroom testimony.

Areas of Expertise

Consulting Experience

My consulting services include Leader of design, product and testing teams for a non-volatile testing chip; Direction and coordination of numerous engineers and marketing personnel in eight locations, including 3 different countries; Institute DOE and development practices.

Relevant Experiences

I have used probe tips, probe cards, and cantilevered probes for many years.

I have worked previously on a trade secret case, where I did two expert witness report. I was an expert for the defendant.
I am very familiar with silicone injection techniques, because I have used high grade silicone for LED emitter lighting products in the past.

Additionally, I have done injection.

I am very familiar with POS systems, as numerous micro-controller I designed in the 1990′ and 2000’s were designed into POS systems.

As a Stanford alumnus, I can access all Stanford University libraries, including all on-line journals; this has been an asset in prior cases for developing both technical arguments and declarations.

I teach counsel on technical issues at a level that respects counsel’s level of technical knowledge. I also do the same, when requested, for judges and juries at trial.

I am familiar and have had experience with injection molding in the electronics industry and I am familiar and have had experience with electroplating copper. I am comfortable to opine on any technical matter regarding these patents.


M.S.ManagementStanford University
B.S.PhysicsMassachusetts Institute of Technology

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National Science Foundation

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