Software Development Expert 380606 NC

Expertise Description

Consulting expert with more than 30 years’ experience in the field of Software Development & Information Technology. Specialty includes SharePoint, Enterprise Systems, Corporate Social Networking and Collaboration Technologies. Other areas of expertise include information architecture, governance planning and development, program and project management, management consulting in information technology, enterprise content management, and document control systems. Multiple publications and speaking engagements. Over 14 years’ expert witness experience. Consultations, deposition, and courtroom testimony.

Areas of Expertise

Expert Witness

Experience includes a trade secret case based on commonality and availability of technologies in the case time frame, patent infringement case involving a technical patent on 'cookie' technology, investigation and comprehensive evaluation and problem determination of a commercial software product designed for consumer loan processing, tracking, and payment monitoring and plagiarism of source code in the development of a distribution facility operational system.

Consulting Experience

Expert handled development and strategy for future corporate collaboration and project management usage of the SharePoint technologies, he served as co-architect of three designs and infrastructure architecture which included all communications aspects of business and its service lines and also handled corporate-wide reviews and development of an implementation of a 'global portal'. Expert also oversaw project management and development of a 'reverse project plan' to match requirements to date coordination between the Austria and US resources

Professional Experiences

  • U.S.A. Microsoft Software Advisor

Relevant Experiences

Architect & software designer for over 30 years. Extensive experience in the design and development of large-scale enterprise systems including the development of web-based systems to include UI design and information architecture. Heavy experience in virtual technologies including system management and resource management including cloud resources (multiple) and on-premise VMWare and Microsoft Hyper-V. Excellent case background including electronic discovery including code review and forensics.

Over 33 years as a technologist and a specialist in development in the 1990’s. Expert in all aspects of Visual Basic (and several other languages) for the time and currently still do development daily today. Expert in software discovery and dissemination/debugging of raw source code. Multiple cases have included discovery & expert opinion on source code, system construction and architecture. In addition, I had extensive experience with Bar Code technologies and was intimately involved in the development and deployment of the technology for then Digital Equipment Corporation using Intermec and Symbol bar code systems and technologies. I was the sole developer and personally implemented for the company into their stock control and material planning systems. I was also involved in the deployment of bar code & database management systems for an apparel manufacturing/distributing corporation in the design and deployment of the distribution center (managing materials & stock for shipping & logistics).


B.S.C.S.Northeastern University

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