Software Development Expert 134998 AL

Expertise Description

I have over 20 years of practical experience in the computer science industry including network design, computer security, and software development. I have also authored 19 books, so far, and hold 32 of the industries certifications. I have helped create several computer industry certifications. I hold 6 computer science related patents of my own. I have been involved in litigation support for over 10 years working on almost 40 cases, including testifying at trial, depositions, and hearings. I frequently conduct training on complex computer security and forensics topics including training for various federal agencies, law enforcement, and friendly foreign governments.

Areas of Expertise

Expert Witness

I have worked on almost 40 cases over the past 11 years. That work has included consulting and testifying on patent cases, copyright infringement cases, and forensics related cases. Most of this has been in various federal courts, but some in state courts. I have written dozens of expert reports, hundreds of patent claim charts, and testified at trial, deposition, and hearings.

Consulting Experience

Twice per year I conduct computer security/forensics training. In 2013 I conducted cryptography consulting/training for a friendly foreign government via a US Defense Contractor. I have also worked on the development of complex software including medical and defense related software.

Professional Experiences

I began my career developing web sites and performing technical support. I worked on developing software for the NATO AWACS. I moved on to develop complex financial software and voicemail software. Prior to branching out as a consultant, I held two management positions: Director of Academic Computing and Director of IT.

Relevant Experiences

My over twenty years of hands-on IT experience includes project management and software development. In addition to this, I have numerous software development certifications and have published nineteen books. My eleven plus years of litigation support has included testimony at trial, deposition, and hearings.

I have reviewed terabytes of code in a variety of cases including patent infringement and copyright infringement. I also frequently teach software engineering and project management methodology.

I have extensive experience with software development including software copyright cases and software development disputes. My 25 years of experience in software development includes publishing 21 books (7 on programming), 7 computer science patents, and extensive software development as well as software management experience. I also have 12 years of litigation support experience including multiple software copyright cases and testifying at trial and deposition.

I am familiar with plagiarism software from a computer science/algorithm perspective, and as the author of 21 books, I am familiar with plagiarism in general.
In my 25+ years of IT experience, I have extensive experience with communications technology, VoIP, and related software. Beginning in the mid-1990’s I worked on communications software and VoIP. I also have extensive experience in telecom and computer networking. In addition to practical experience, I have authored 25 computer science books and 30 papers. I have 8 patents, and I am a frequent speaker at various computer science conferences.

I am the author of 20 computer science books, including computer security textbooks used at universities around the world. I helped create some of the most prominent computer security certifications in the industry and am currently the Chair of the Board of Information Security and Computer Forensics for the American College of Forensic Examiners. I have taught cyber security issues such as cybersquatting for many years. I also have 13 years of litigation support experience including 45 cases and testimony on 27 occasions including depositions, hearings, and jury trials.

I have been in computer science for over 25 years, working in digital forensics the last 10. I hold many of the major forensics certifications (CCFP, ACE, OCFE, CHFI, CCI, etc.), and of my 21 published books, 4 are computer forensics textbooks used around the world. I am a member of the American Academy of Forensic Scientists. I also teach digital forensics all over the world including to law enforcement personnel. I am a frequent speaker at cyber security and forensics conferences. Most recently I presented digital forensics research at the IAFLS conference in Cairo in January, and at the AAFS conference in February. I am scheduled to present digital forensics research at Guidance Software’s Enfuse conference in May.

I have extensive experience in cryptography. I have taught cryptography to civilian groups, government agencies, and friendly foreign governments. Of my 21 published computer science books, 9 have chapters on cryptography and one is a textbook on cryptography. Of my 26 papers, 5 are on cryptography and I am currently collaborating with another researcher on additional cryptographic research.


Degree Subject Institution
M.B.A. Applied Computer Science Northcentral University
M.Ed. Southeastern Oklahoma State University
B.A. Communications Southeastern Oklahoma State University

Licenses Certifications

32 computer industry certifications including: CISSP; ISSAP; CEH; CCFP; CHF; ECSA; MCSA; MCSE; MCTS;; MCP; CCI
Licensed Texas Private Investigator