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Expertise Description

I have over 20 years experience as an Intellectual Property and Audio Video Technology Software generalist with development, managing development, software engineering, algorithms, tools, languages, and debugging systems. My imaging areas include: MPEG and JPEG compression standards, video streaming, video and still cameras, computer graphics, surveillance, security, reconnaissance, panoramic imaging, object tracking, and view interpolation. My patent experience includes consulting and testifying on patent infringement suits, prior art analysis, patent design, writing, prosecution, defense, portfolio analysis for technical and marketplace assessment, managing patent portfolios, visual depiction, and presentation of analyses using PowerPoint. I have experience with a range of patent challenges, including prosecution, temporary restraining order, preliminary injunction, patent reexamination, summary judgment, trial, and appeals. I have additional experience as a serial entrepreneur and advisor in imaging product start-ups for commercial and government / military/ intelligence markets. I have more than 15 years expert witness experience with consultations, deposition, and courtroom testimony.

Areas of Expertise

Expert Witness

My expert witness experience includes: Patent infringement, Prior art studies, Temporary restraining orders, and Preliminary injunctions.

Consulting Experience

My consulting services include: Read, analyzed and reported on hundreds of U.S. Patents covering all aspects of imaging; Development of imaging software; Managed aggressive patenting program; Instructor in computer programming at elementary school level; Performed research and taught students at graduate level.


Ph.D.Computer ScienceIowa State University
M.A.MathematicsUniversity of California Davis
B.A.MathematicsCalifornia State University Sacramento

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Association for Computer Machinery

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