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Expertise Description

I have over 30 years experience with signal processing and software patents as a successful independent hi-tech consultant. I have experience with software in high-level languages and assembly language, as well as management with long-range research and development experience. I have several decades of involvement in software, digital audio, digital music, digital video, digital signal processing, and processor architecture. I have more than 15 years expert witness experience.

Areas of Expertise

Expert Witness

My expert witness experience includes: cell phone; audio; music; video game; software; web site; digital camera; programming; assembly language; machine language; C; C++; Fortran; call center; processor architecture; compression; Fourier transform; Digital filter; Discrete cosine transform; computer; file downloading; financial software; real estate software; medical device software; acoustics software; speech analysis; speech synthesis; ring tones; use interface; patent; class action; MPEG; Compression; Signal processing; German, French, Japanese, Dutch translation.

Consulting Experience

My consulting services include: Patent litigation; Patent Prosecution, e.g. expert declaration; Patent re-exam, e.g. expert declaration; Invalidity prior art search; Infringement analysis; Tutorial; Class action.

Relevant Experiences

I have extensive relevant experience using operating systems going back to the days of main frames and punched cards.

In litigation I have been deposed 15 times and testified 3 times at trial. I do my own work and write my own reports.
Of the capabilities mentioned in your email, I can especially offer source code analysis.  Here are some specifics.
One of my litigation specialties has become source code analysis, in various languages, down to machine language. My analysis draws on cousework for my PhD at a Top 10 University and a few decades of consulting experience.
The parking meters can operate over a cell network. I have analyzed cell phone user interfaces and internal workings in litigation for a wide variety of cases such as:
   * ZTE
   * LG
   * Motorola
   * HTC
   * Samsung
I have experience also with networking, such as my work on 1394 / Firewire.

I understand these patents involve both mechanical engineering and electrical engineering including source code. I don’t have to be the sole testifying expert, I am happy to be part of a team and work as a consulting expert if needed.
I am actively interviewing for new assignments and available for interview, by phone, by video, or at the office in San Francisco.



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Audio Engineering Society

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