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SPORTS & RECREATION Expert WitnessesThe staff at ForensisGroup has been matching highly qualified expert witnesses with our clients for more than twenty years, whether the client is an attorney, law firm, insurance company, or insurance agent. Our vetted group includes sports and recreation expert witnesses focusing in such areas as aquatics, health and fitness, sports law, camping and outdoor programs, sports medicine, action sports, golf course management and design, physical education, fitness and sports equipment, sports physical therapy, exercise physiology, athletics, sports safety, and risk management. Since sports and recreation expert witnesses may be skilled in a wide array of areas, we will work at locating the specific expert you need for your particular case.

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If you are unable to find the sports and recreation expert required for your case, please contact us by calling our office at 1-800-555-5422 or fill out and Submit an Expert Request Form. We will work with you to locate the expert you need for success. And because our experts do not a pay a fee to be listed, we are able to recruit based only on the results of an extensive screening process. We also provide free initial case consultations before each expert is retained, so you are able to make an informed decision without commitment. Let us connect you with a highly qualified sports and recreation expert witness by contacting us today.


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