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Expertise Description

I am a college dean, licensed professional engineer, and certified professional logistician. I have expertise in Supply Chain Management, Logistics, and Business Operations. I have over 40 years of logistics and supply chain experience. My transportation experience includes: federal motor carrier regulations (FMCSR); trucking, 19 wheeler accidents, drivers, and hours of service; air, rail, and ocean freight; 4 wheel trucks; processes and procedures; and 3PL – Third Party Logistics. My Warehousing experience includes: doors, gates, loading docks, internal operating procedures, and forklifts; trailer loading and unloading, and trailer setting; warehouse safety; and regulatory compliance. I also have expertise in inventory control, risk management / risk mitigation, business operations including rental operations, supply chain management, manufacturing, industrial information technology, materials handling equipment and processes, inbound / outbound freight, hazardous materials, and labeling. I have prior expert witness experience including consultations, depositions, and courtroom testimony.

Areas of Expertise

Relevant Experiences

I have over 40 years of experience in leadership and management of supply chain management, logistics, warehousing, transportation, and third-party logistics management functions. I have directly led/supervised over 2,000 individual contributors in all phases of logistics operations, to include Health, Safety, and Environmental operations.

I have taught reverse logistics concepts at the graduate MBA and PhD levels and have worked with clients that have the need for reverse logistics services. I possess retail industry consulting experience.


Degree Subject Institution
M.A. National Security Studies Naval War College
M.P.A. Public Administration University of Oklahoma
Ph.D. Industrial Engineering Texas A&M University
M.S. Systems Management University of Southern California
B.S. Electronic Engineering Technology Weber State University