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Expertise Description

I have over 20 years of experience in Global Supply Chain operations, including forecasting, procurement, manufacturing, warehousing, distribution channels and import / export. I have consulted with global and international consultants and have worked in Asia and Europe. I have extensive knowledge and experience in manufacturing / outsourcing in China. I have provided expert opinion on project management for enterprise software, software patents / copyrights, channel distribution / compensation, inventory tax, and trucking operations. I have prior expert witness experience.

Areas of Expertise

Expert Witness

My expert witness experience includes Project Management for enterprise software (ERP), China sourcing and manufacturing, Software patents and copyrights, Sales channel distribution and compensation, Inventory tax, Manufacturing operations, Global manufacturing / production, Transportation and logistics.

Consulting Experience

My consulting services include having assisted in attorneys' understanding of relevant supply chain operations and practices in sourcing, logistics, distribution, manufacturing, inventory and import / export trade compliance; developed written reports and research briefs. My consulting projects include a 5-month project in Seoul, Korea, member of Global Supply SWAT team, developing approaches and addressing needs of clients; coach for innovative projects in supply chain, channel distribution, and trade compliance.

Relevant Experiences

I have over 30 years of experience in supply chain and logistics management.
– Undergrad degree in transportation and logistics management
– Managed all California trucking contracts for Hewlett-Packard
– Over 25 years in consulting including many truck-transportation engagements

I am a manufacturing expert with 25+ years of experience and can opine on the processes in a manufacturing environment including:
– Standard practices in contract manufacturing/outsourcing
– Work instructions for employees on the manufacturing line
– Quality Assurance processes and validation
– Contractual issues regarding key measurements and quality expectations

In addition, I have experience with Maquiladoras in Mexican border towns and cross-border management of manufacturing sites. I also have experience in metals manufacturing.

–        25+ years of experience in supply chain
–        Automotive consulting experience
–        Channel distribution experience
–        History in procurement including teaching workshops to buyers and the use of information in sourcing
–        Undergrad BS in Business Logistics and Transportation Management; MBA in Finance

I have 25+ years in the transportation and logistics industry (industry and consulting)
– Familiar with operations processes at 3PLs and over-the road trucking, and the DOT regulations
– Warehouse and logistics supervisory experience

I am an international sourcing and manufacturing expert and an international shipping expert. I am a US Customs Broker with 30+ years of experience in importing products. I am also very familiar with the furniture industry.

I have managed warehouses at major corporations and several consulting clients. I have managed packaging engineers responsible for cardboard specs and ordering. I have also authored several books about supply chain management.


MBAFinance and Operations ManagementUniversity of San Diego Graduate School of Business
Bachelor of ScienceLogisticsArizona State University WP Carey School of Business

Licenses Certifications

Credentialed Adjunct Professor of Business
Licensed United States Customs Broker

Awards & Affiliation

Primary Affiliation

Asia America Management Association

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