Synthetic Organic Chemistry Expert 512523 AL

Expertise Description

I began my career in experimental synthetic organic chemistry over 25 years ago. My experiences included new product research and development, process development, writing reports, SOP’s, as well as being co-author for several patents for novel products for DNA and PNA (peptide nucleic acid) chemistry. I have experience in support of new product research and development in the area of automated synthetic DNA chemistry as well as DNA sequencing. I helped set up a chemical synthesis laboratory with expertise in the synthesis of specifically modified DNA representing known DNA damage from environmental sources such as carcinogens, UV irradiation and oxidative damage. I have been involved in the synthesis of over 1000 novel, rare and expensive organic compounds for use in environmental health and medical research. As the labs expertise grew, we expanded our synthesis services to include other small organic compounds, enzyme activators, inhibitors, bioconjugates, modified peptides and proteins, biomarkers and metabolites of exposures, new therapeutic compounds, research tools, imaging agents, drug conjugates for delivery, and many other areas of organic chemical synthesis. I have been hired as a consultant for the setup of other similar type synthesis labs at other medical institutions modeled after the original lab, and as a consultant on many synthesis projects both in academia and industry.

Areas of Expertise

Consulting Experience

My consulting experience includes set up, organization, budgeting, planning and managing synthetic organic chemistry laboratories. I have consulted on chemical waste remediation and disposal projects. I have advised and consulted on many organic synthesis projects for a wide array of organic small molecules, modified DNA, biomolecules, bioconjugates, drug delivery vehicles, chelating and imaging agents and other organic chemicals as new potential therapeutics or research tools.

Professional Experiences

In summary my professional experiences include:

Chemistry of natural products, DNA, RNA, small organic molecules, peptides, proteins, biomolecules, steroids, enzyme inhibitors and activators, biomarkers, bioconjugates, new therapeutics, chelators, imaging agents, drug delivery molecules, and a wide array of other research molecules.

Industrial experience in research and development, process development, lab management, chemical neutralization and waste disposal, writing reports, SOP’s, patents, publications and presentations.

Academic experience in laboratory organization, planning, setup, budgeting, management, grant proposals, grant funding, reports, project updates, publications, patents and presentations. Experienced in all phases of directing an internal business unit within an academic institution.


Degree Subject Institution
Ph.D. Organic Chemistry Vanderbilt University
B.S. Chemistry Rhodes College