Technology Trend Expert Witness Seattle 350881

Expertise Description

I have expertise in technology trends with over two decades of experience. I specialize in strategic consulting, product testing, market research, business development, intellectual property and original editorial and video content production services for the consumer electronics, technology, online/social media and video game industries. I provided consultations and deposition for more than 10 years as a technology trends expert witness.

Areas of Expertise

Expert Witness

I have worked on a number of complex contract dispute cases, including providing trend analysis, product testing/analysis, sales forecasting, insights into the value of often hard to quantify features/facets of products/services, and additional services. Experience also includes work on multiple patent infringement matters and trademark infringement matters, with extensive research and historical analysis and consulting work required. I have been deposed before (all cases settled prior to trial), and provided expert reports, and provided work to many of the world’s most recognizable brands and businesses.

Consulting Experience

Consulting work has ranged the gamut from market research and trend analysis to contract review, sales forecasting, and business intelligence and insights to providing high-level strategic planning assistance. Drawing upon my many years of experience as an analyst and developer/publisher off products and services, several clients have also looked to me for deeper insight into the shape of specific markets, products/services, and the processes which shape all. I have worked in tandem with economists and damages experts to weigh the relative value of items relating to various matters, and I have worked with counsel to provide feedback and analysis of matters-including making sense of complex issues and recovering often hard to find and obscure data import.

Professional Experiences

Bestselling leadership, technology and innovation speaker, I am one of the world’s most celebrated trendsetters, analysts, and strategic innovation consultants, as seen in 600+ outlets from CNN to TIME and The Wall St. Journal. A world-famed consumer and business trends expert, the Fortune 500 calls me a “top trendsetter to follow.” I am the author of many books on consumer and business products, services, and technologies, and have helped clients rating from MTV, Intel and Microsoft to Ford and Sony shape the direction of dozens of new products and services. My 15+ year track record for accurately predicting consumer and business trends has made me a fixture in the media today, and top provider of services to the world’s biggest businesses and brands.


Degree Subject Institution
B.S. Management Georgia Institute of Technology

Awards & Affiliation

Named “Master of Innovation” by Fortune Magazine
Small Business Book Award – The Business Expert’s Guidebook