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TELECOMMUNICATIONS Expert WitnessesTelecommunications is the exchange of information over significant distances by use of an electronic device or network.

The most common medium of signal transmission in the past 100 years has been electrical wire, cable, or optical fiber; however, wireless telecommunications has grown significantly in the past decade. It is the free-space transmission and reception of data by means of electromagnetic fields. Telecommunications technology has evolved and changed the way our society communicates and transmits information. This industry is one of the most rapidly growing and changing industries in the global economy. As telecommunications continues to evolve, it increasingly affects many aspects of our lives.

Telecommunications and the telecom industry is moving toward a system that is completely wireless. With that paradigm shift has come different and more efficient options for communications, education, banking and finance, commerce, and many other functions and tasks of our daily lives.

Telecommunications expert witnesses are experienced in research, product design, and technical analysis of high-speed data communications, wireless technology, wireless communication, computer telephony database, and computer telephony. These professionals help law firms and insurance companies conduct assessments of complex telecommunications networks, performance analysis of digital and optical networks, technical due diligence, analysis of multi-national broadband networks, and performance reviews of optical switching technology.

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