Do you always need an expert witness in wrongful death lawsuit?  A wrongful death claim is filed by a representative on behalf of survivors, also termed “real parties in interest.”  Wrongful death plaintiffs seek monetary compensation for their loss. A lawsuit for a wrongful death may be filed by the executor or administrator of the estate or by individual beneficiaries such as family members or financial dependentsThe wrongful death lawsuit is a civil action with each state having its own wrongful death statutes. In some states, a jury may award punitive damages due to egregious conduct and/or gross negligence by the defendant. Wrongful death cases are serious and complex. Wrongful death expert witnesses are experienced with state laws as well as damages and the economics involved in this type of lawsuit. They provide unbiased reports and testimony to the court and are invaluable additions to legal teams in wrongful death litigation.   

In a case, a 298th District Court of Dallas County jury awarded the parents of plaintiff $20 million in compensatory damages after finding a transport company negligent for causing the accident that killed their son. The plaintiff was run over by a transport company bus at the Central Point Pilot Travel Center rest stop near Medford, OR. Evidence showed that the bus driver did not perform a headcount leaving the rest stop and when the plaintiff ran to catch the bus, he was run over and killed. According to plaintiff’s attorneys, the driver was later fired for smashing the cell phone of a passenger who was recording him being rude to other passengers. 

Expert witnesses in wrongful death litigation have the necessary experience to explain complex aspects of a case to the court. Contact ForensisGroup to retain the best expert for your case.