Why are pharmaceutical experts in high demand by attorneys?  Pharmaceutical experts are involved in a wide range of civil cases.  Experts in the pharmaceutical industry can be a pharmacologist, a medical doctor, a chemist, a manufacturing expert, or an expert in other niche areas.  A well-known application for pharmaceutical expert witnesses is patent infringement litigation. While lawyers often become mini subject matter experts during litigation, there is no substitute for a top-notch pharmaceutical expert, complete with the education credentials, research and training, and laboratory experience to fully dimension the issues.

Another common area for the pharmaceutical expert witness is the framing of the prospective claim against a manufacturer.  Perhaps you have received a call – or several calls – from patients complaining about side-effects, which were either part of the FDA label or not, and you want to explore potential approaches.  The pharmaceuticals expert witness can be called in to review content from FDA-approved labeling, reported incidents, to published research. The expert can help the lawyer in a pre-litigation assessment by providing expert opinion on the viability of one or more claims.

What about also the expert witness in pharmaceuticals who assists with claims of counterfeit medicines?  The European Union recently strengthened consumer protection through its “Falsified Medicines Directives,” to try to prevent falsified or counterfeit medicines from flowing into the legal medicine supply chain.  Coupled with in-house teams, the expert witness in pharmaceuticals acts as a potential confirmation of suspected imitations of name brand pharmaceuticals, including investigations of coatings, impurities, excipients, and levels of APIs.

In addition, pharmaceutical expert witnesses are also used in medical malpractice litigation.  The pharmaceutical expert witness can assist with known drug reactions, drug contraindications, scripting and dispensing, and more.  Using an expert witness in pharmaceuticals in a medical malpractice case offers a whole new insight to the questions you might initiate and the claims you might raise.

The pharmaceutical expert witness is versatile to multiple settings and functions of the lawyer.  From consulting to testifying, the expert witness in pharmaceuticals is a prescription you should fill for your good legal health.