Role of an Expert Witness ForensisGroup BlogThe expert witness offers litigation support services to further assist lawyers and their clients in preparation for trial. Hiring an expert in the early stages of a lawsuit helps place the attorney in an excellent position to present their client’s case. In court, the expert is able to shed light on the issues of the case and assist attorneys, judges, and juries in determining what really happened. In this role, the expert witness is often called upon to break down complex scientific and technical issues to provide analysis for lay people.

In Have You Ever Thought Of Suing Someone? Attorney Morton J. Grabel describes the role of the expert witness. Mr. Grabel has practiced law in Temecula, CA, for over 30 years. As reported in Valley News, he writes: “Trying to solve a legal issue on your own doesn’t always end up with the best results.”

Expert Witnesses: On occasion, a plaintiff’s claim or defendant’s defense or cross-claim may require help from expert witnesses to explain either technical information or support an argument. Experts might be needed to testify about the relationship between the defendant’s conduct and the loss suffered by the plaintiff, or the existence and amount of the plaintiff’s damages.

For example, in a personal injury trial an expert may be called upon to prove damages, such as the nature, scope and extent of the impact to a car that was involved in a collision or a medical provider regarding injuries. Expert witnesses can also work closely with attorneys to assist in the preparation of the party’s case before a lawsuit is filed.

Mr. Grabel has learned over thirty years experience as an attorney that the expert witness is an integral part of the litigation team. Hiring the expert aids the efforts of the entire legal team. In addition, it decidedly improves arguments presented at trial.

By:  Karen Olson

Over twenty years experience in the legal industry and expert witness research