Towing Operations Expert 9034 CA(S)

Expertise Description

I have over 35 years experience with light duty towing and recovery. My areas of expertise include towing operations, as well as repair and maintenance. I have more than 15 years expert witness experience.

Areas of Expertise

Expert Witness

My expert witness experience includes standard care in operating tow trucks: requesting customer assistance, parking truck on freeway, and Private Property impound.

Consulting Experience

My consulting services include: Towing Instructor; Conducted an average of 25-three hour lockout seminars per year to Automobile Club contract station, law enforcement and fire department employees; Conducted an average of 15-three day workshops per year to Automobile Club contract station employees; Regional Occupation Program for students as an Instructor; Conducted 5-two day certification classes; Developed, implemented and field tested model curriculum.

Professional Experiences

Relevant Experiences

I have been teaching tow truck operator roadside safety for 34 years, first as an instructor for the Automobile Club of Southern California, then as a Regional Occupational Program instructor for the Pasadena Unified School District and now for the California Tow Truck Association and American Towman Magazine.
I have conducted seminars on this subject at tow shows across the country for the last 8 years.
I have been teaching, in all of my classes from the start of my teaching career,  to move or tow the vehicle to a safer location rather than changing a tire in an unsafe location.


High School DiplomaSouthern Academy San Marino CA
Techniques in Towing and RecoveryEmergency Road Service Inc.
Towing and RecoveryInternational Recovery Associates Inc.
Highway Watch TrainingDepartment of Homeland Security

Licenses Certifications

State of California Designated Subjects Vocational Education part-time teaching Credential

Awards & Affiliation

Primary Affiliation

California Tow Truck Association

Partial List of Consulting Expert Witness Cases