Traffic Accident Reconstruction Expert 519300 FL

Expertise Description

I have spent over 5 years as a forensic consultant with a background in mechanical engineering, vehicle dynamics, collision reconstruction and driver factors. I have expertise in mechanical systems with an emphasis on analytic analysis including kinematics, kinetics, dynamics, and failure methods, crash investigation and accident reconstruction of automobiles, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles, pedestrians and other transportation modes. I have additional experience with design for manufacturing, including parametric CAD modeling and the proprietary mechanical design of safety equipment for industrial and consumer markets in the US and Europe. I have prior experience working as a mechanical engineering expert witness in Florida.

Areas of Expertise

Expert Witness

I have provided expert witness testimony in criminal proceedings and civil litigation at deposition, mediation, and jury trial levels in 19 states.

Consulting Experience

I have consulted on over 1000 cases in over 30 states and Canada, covering a wide variety of vehicle types and collision scenarios.

Professional Experiences

I have been a Professional Engineer and consultant with experience, education, and training in the fields of mechanical engineering, transportation engineering, and forensic engineering. My practice has focused on providing transportation safety consulting services to legal, insurance, governmental, and corporate clients throughout North America.

Relevant Experiences

I am an experienced accident reconstructionist with advanced training in Human Factors as it relates to driver detection of objects during daytime and nighttime. I have conducted a multitude of nighttime detection testing, documentation and analysis. I have testified numerous times.


Degree Subject Institution
M.S. Transportation Engineering Georgia Institute of Technology
B.S. Mechanical Engineering Virginia Tech

Licenses Certifications

Board Certified Diplomate in Forensic Engineering
Certified Traffic Control Supervisor
Professional Engineer, State of Alabama
Professional Engineer, State of Colorado
Professional Engineer, State of Florida

Awards & Affiliation

Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE)
National Academy of Forensic Engineers (NAFE)
Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)
American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)

Primary Affiliation

Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE)