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Expertise Description

With more than 45 years experience in the Transit Industry, I have an expertise in the operation, maintenance, and repair of public and private sector fleets - trucking equipment (yellow iron) and automotive (light and heavy duty); implementing sustainable, cost-saving management strategies for vehicle fleets & the Construction Industry in the design build of their facilities & alternate fuel upgrades. I have spent over 25 years providing courtroom testimony, consultations, and deposition as a transit industry expert witness.

Areas of Expertise

Relevant Experiences

I have spent 50 years in the Fleet Management Industry Profession. 

As a Fleet & Equipment Manager for 45+ years, I was responsible for the safe and economical operation, maintenance and repair of 50+ classes of vehicles, buses and equipment (yellow iron). Among these classes, we had light, medium and heavy tow and service trucks which we dispatched, owned, operated, maintained and repaired to service our fleet.

Starting my career in the fleet and equipment profession, I operated light, medium and heavy tow trucks, on the highways full-time days and evenings, during the week, holidays and weekends, for a towing service while attending tech school, college and university, and during my six year service with the US Air Force National Guard Reserve in the motor pool. This included the safe diagnosing and repairing of units that were broken down on highways, interstates, local roads and included changing tires, removal of all sizes and make and models of vehicles and equipment disabled by accidents. It also included the safe repairing of the units on the road, servicing overturned vehicles and equipment and their right siding.

As a Fleet Maintenance service mechanic, Supervisor, Manager, Instructor & Service Program Manager I can delineate the metallurgical & truck science professional. I have Spec’d & Purchased new & pre-owned trucks within my 45+ years of combined experience. I am familiar with trucks, their maintenance, drivers inspection security in the transport to & from the work sites, I have driven & picked up, and delivered to the consignee.

As a Fleet Manager for 45+ years I have experience writing policy + training Company & fleet drivers in the proper placement of triangles & flares properly & safely securing the vehicle accident & breakdown scene. I teach fleet maintenance management seminars many times a year for the past 35+ years. I have written three vehicle maintenance management texts and testified in many of these types of cases.


Degree Subject Institution
A.A.S./B.S./M.A. Industrial Management New York University

Licenses Certifications

CDL-A License with all Endorsements and Current Medical Card

Awards & Affiliation

New Jersey County Fleet Managers Association
Vehicle Maitenance Management Council
International Fleet Management Association
National Provate Truck Council
Equipment Managers’ Council of America

Primary Affiliation

New Jersey County Fleet Managers Association