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Transportation Expert WitnessesForensisGroup has connected each of our clients with highly qualified experts for more than twenty-five years, whether we are working with lawyers, law firms, insurance companies, or insurance agents. Our highly qualified selection of experts includes transportation expert witnesses who have worked with the trucking industry, transport nursing, aviation, civil engineering, automotive engineering, maritime industry, transportation insurance, industrial engineering, transit accessibility, railroad transportation, airline finance, airline economics, traffic engineering, HAZMAT transportation, urban planning, importing/exporting various types of cargo, vehicle appraisal, mechanical engineering, ergonomics, human factors, accident investigation and reconstruction, highway transportation, and street design. With so many types of transportation expert witnesses, we will make sure that you are connected with the best match for your specific case.

Transportation Disciplines and Expertise

If you are unable to find the right transportation expert witness with the particular skills you are looking for, please call our office at 1-800-555-5422, or fill out and Submit An Expert Request Form. We will work with you in researching and recruiting to find the right expert for your case. To further ease the selection process, we always provide an initial case consultation with our experts before they are retained at no cost to you. It is also important to note that our experts do not pay a fee to be listed, so we are able to select each expert based only on the results of a rigorous screening process. Let ForensisGroup match you with a highly qualified transportation expert witness today.


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