Utility Structures Expert 528849 GA

Expertise Description

I have worked with utility structures for more than 30 years. My areas of expertise include developing and testing tools, products and methods for inspection, repair or restoration, National Electrical Safety Code (NESC) compliance, and service utility wood pole restoration. I provided numerous clients with consultations, deposition, and courtroom testimony as a utility structures expert witness for over 5 years.

Areas of Expertise

Professional Experiences

I worked spent over 30 years working for a company that provides wood pole inspection, maintenance and restoration for utility companies all across the country, including California. I was vice president of engineering and product strategy and have vast experience about expected pole life, both with and without remedial maintenance.


Degree Subject Institution
B.S. Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Math Purdue University

Awards & Affiliation

National Electrical Safety Code (NESC)
American Standards Committee O5 (ASC O5)
American Society of Civil Engineers
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
American Wood Protection Association

Primary Affiliation

National Electrical Safety Code (NESC)