When an employee acts as a whistleblower and is fired shortly thereafter, the former employee can make a wrongful termination claim against his or her employer. Former tourism director did just that when she sued the Tahlequah Area (Oklahoma) Chamber of Commerce and the former Executive Director.  Plaintiff alleges she was fired for revealing that the Executive Director had been misappropriating Chamber funds.

Retaliatory discharge refers to an employer terminating an employee for anything other than work performance. OSHA whistleblower anti-retaliation provisions state that employers may not discharge or retaliate against an employee because the employee has filed a complaint.  Retaliatory discharge most commonly refers to an employee being terminated for reporting the employer’s wrongful conduct.

Wrongful termination expert witnesses will evaluate the lawsuit and determine whether fair employment practices were breached. Experts testifying for the plaintiff will argue that uncovering an unfair practice within a company should not lead to the employee’s dismissal. Defendant’s experts will endeavor to prove that plaintiff was not discharged under illegal circumstances.

The former executive director of the Chamber of Commerce has been charged with thirteen felony counts of embezzlement.


By:  Karen Olson

20+ Years of experience in Legal Research